Friday, October 7, 2011

crabbing on the marsh at John's island and crabs feast.

As soon as I moved to Charleston I adopted the Charlestonians way of crabbing. My children Tricia and Erick were still small and we would crab in the breakers on the beach . I am sure anybody who is from Charleston knows how to crab on the beach. You need a net, a string and a chicken neck and you have a lot of fun if the crabs are hungry and the tide is right. About 20 years we still go crabbing  with grand children and great grand children but now we crab on the marsh. We have a beautiful place on Jonh's island but we won't tell you were it is .Ah Ah AH. One time we went here  and there was a whole family of Mexicans and Jeremy, my grandson, made them believe that they needed a special permit and they were scared and  left. I thought that was pretty ugly but after all this is our special little corner on the marsh. Last week Tricia, Jeremy and I went. It was a beautiful September day, I guess what you call "Indian summer" and the marsh was so beautiful and pristine . When we arrived the tide was pretty low and we could see big crabs swimming on the side. For a while we did not have time to set our lines we just got them with our net. Later on we set our line and went on catching quite a lot of crabs, a full bucket of them and they were pretty good size. We had a lot of fun . Then when we came back it was a crab feast.  We had so many we invited a friend who we had not see for a while and who used to go crabbing with us. Good relaxing evening. Sometimes life is so fun.

no more pics of the crabs cooking in the pot I do not like that part . I leave it to the stronger at heart .  When it was time to eat I was to busy to take any more pics.we had a feast. nothing like eating
 any thing you harvest yourself.