Monday, January 2, 2017

bay scallops and truffles risotto

New Year Eve 2017
Choosing to spend the evening at home  by myself I decided to make a nice little comforting dinner. I had some bay scallops left in the freezer from my Christmas dinner and some truffles, Malory and Erick gave to me for Christmas., I had  some chicken stock and Arborio rice, every things needed for Risotto. and what is more comforting than a rich creamy risotto.
I had  some white wine left  in the fridge  so here we are risotto it is.


bay scallops about 2 cups
any good white wine on the dry side (Chardonnay is fine)
3 cups of chicken stock
1 cup Arborio rice
1/2 a stick butter ( or more)
1 shallot
1/2 a truffle ( the taste of truffle is strong so be careful how much you add)

salt and pepper.


peel and chop the shallots
cut the truffles in small pieces
dry the scallops and saute them in a pan with butter salt and pepper about 10 minutes ( do not overcook)

put the 3 cups of stock in a pan and heat up , keep on slow medium  heat

In a heavy saucepan saute the shallots and the rice in butter
saute the rice for about 10 minutes till it become less translucent
add 1/2 cup of wine cook 10 more minutes.
Now add about 1/2 cup of the hot chicken stock over the rice to cover it.
Cook the rice till the stock is absorbed.
add salt and pepper to your taste
then add some more stock too cover the rice and continue to add more stock, about 1/2 cup making sure every time all the stock has being absorbed
you should used about all the stock

The operation should not take much more than 30 minutes.
.when the rice is cooked ( do not over cook it must be creamy but not mushy)  add the scallops to warm them back,.
add the truffles.


the rice should be nice and creamy and you should not have to add any cream but I do any how just because I love the taste  cream

Before you add the scallop and the truffle you have a basic risotto and you can from here use your imagination and make different risotto. parmesan risotto is specially delicious.

Risotto is supposed to be hard to make but after you get the technique of adding more stock when the rice is dry it because easy . they will tell you, you have to stay with it and mix it continuously every time you add stock, I don't.  it is supposed to be eaten right away but I learn from my sister Brigitte that you may do your risotto and freeze it  keep it a little" al dente". and when you thaw it you add the last amount of hot stock,

beat it and add some cream. it is a little  restaurant secret.  where  it will be difficult to stay over a risotto when you have a lot of other dishes going on.

a table bon appetit

The truffles may be bought on line . they are a little expensive but well worth it .  you do not have too add to much truffle to give the dish a delicious flavor. there are differents Web sites where you can   buy the truffles" D'artagnan" is a