Thursday, July 28, 2011

bruschettas of tomatoes

I love to cook ,cooking always perks up my mood .( My daughter says  it is because I always have a glass of wine while I cook. Most of the time I do.)
 Sometimes I get lazy or I am doing some thing else and I don't want to cook. No problem at this time of the year there are always delicious tomatoes in my refrigerator that were bought at the road market.
So very often it is tomatoes bruschettas for me. easy and Delicious.

1 tomato
1 clove of garlic
olive oil
4 nice slices from a french baguette.
a few leaves of basil
salt and pepper
open the tomato take some of the seeds out .
chop the tomato in small cubes
smash the garlic clove,take of the skin and chop finely
chop the basil
put tomato garlic and basil in a bowl
add salt and pepper
cut on the diagonal 4 slices of bread ( or more if you are hungry)
spread the bread with olive oil
put under a broiler till golden brown
top the bread slices with the tomatoes mixture.
for accompaniment I like a bowl of homemade soup .
these simple bruschettas are so easy to make but naturally you may  add different toppings. avocado puree. goat cheese .  children like ham and Cheddar. Use your imagination.

A table bon appetit.