Monday, July 25, 2011

canning tomatoes.

my son Erick canning tmatoes in my kitchen
Went to the flea market and find some tomatoes for a very interesting price . I decided to can some. so Tuesday and Wednesday I was busy canning tomatoes. Food very often bring memories of another time.
In France during the war my family live for a while in a farm. My father thinking that the life around Marseilles was getting to difficult moved the whole family in saint Remy en Provence where some  of his friends had already moved. In this time St Remy was a very quaint little town with nothing much going on . Now St Remy is still very quaint and cute but it has become very touristic with a lot of very good restaurant . One of St Remy more well know citizen was Nostradamus who was born here. well there is a lot to tell about St Remy but I just wanted to talk about one of my memory of the place. It was the tomatoes canning season . All the women family and friends will meet in a big cellar of the farm were we lived and for 2 or 3 days all the women and children will be canning. It was a lot of laugh and jokes telling and good food  and a lot of work. I remember very well pushing tomatoes in bottles with a special long spoon . this bottles had a special top with a seal. Some of the canning will end up in the market but every body who help naturally got his share. Happy time happy memories. well my own canning is done it looks so good on my shelf I will probably do some more when I find good tomatoes.