Monday, July 11, 2011

Too day dinner: grill shrimp dinner for one person.

This is a dinner that doesn't cost any effort or time and it is very ligth and easy to eat for the summer
if you can get fresh shrimp by all mean use fresh shrimp. Around here I have not always been very please with the fresh shrimp I bought. I buy packages of individualy frozen shrimps. Very often they are "bogo" so that is a good deal. The advantage of this bags of shrimps is that you use only how many you need and keep the rest frozen.
I have been very often disastified with grilled shrimp will it be my one cooking or some one else. too me they are always too dry it is difficult to cook them properly. In this recipe the shrimp stay moist because of the coating of mayonnaise.
grilled shrimp.
Shrimp (as much as you want to eat)
terriyaki sauce
mayonnaise (enough to coat the amount of shrimp you are going to use)
some fresh herbs chopped very fine (you could use some  dry herbs or a blend like" Herb de Provence" )
a few cherry tomatoes (enough to alternate with the shrimps on the skewers)
Soak a few wood skewers in water for a while

placed your shrimp in a bowl cover them with terriyaki sauce and let marinate a few hours.(if you use frozen shrimps they will thaw during that process)
in an other bowl mix the mayonnaise with the herbs add salt and pepper
get your grill hot
Put the shrimp in the bowl with mayonnaise and coat each of them.
thread shrimp on skewers alternating with cherry tomatoes.
put on hot grill
Cook shrimp about 5 minutes on each side
I serve the shrimp with rice.
A glass of Sauvignon blanc will good with that.
A table et bon appetit!!!

.Note: My editor (my daughter) told me that shrimp never take a S for plural . It is awful I had never notice. Well it is corrected thank you Tricia