Sunday, August 28, 2011


I was born in Fecamp. Fecamp is a fishing port in the "Seine Maritime" part of the "haute Normandie". And when I think of Fecamp I think of the white "falaise " , the beach made of "galets"(rock rolled by the sea), the fish boats in the port, the pier which was during our summer vacation our playing field and I think too of the food my grand mother used to cook. My grand mother was a very simple women who never had any money for special fares so she cooked very simple food but always extremelly fresh and delicious. I specially remember her "Maquereaux a la creme" so delicious she knew when the "chalutiers " will come in and we will go to the quay and get the fresh fish from the fishermen. she knew most of the fishermen her father and her husband had been fishermen, so some times they will give us the fish for free. My grand mother will cook the mackerels the same day with "potatoes a la vapeur" steam potatoes. Sometimes if it is fresh the simple food is the best. It was the most delicious meal. I found in a old cooking book the recipe for "Maquereaux a la creme ",I don't think I will ever be able to find some fresh mackerels around here but may be I could try the recipe with some other fish, it may not be the same but it may turn out delicious all the same. I remember my mother steaming potatoes instead of  cooking them  in boiling water, I used to do it myself but I got out of the habit I will try it again. Another thing my grand mother used to make and I loved was a "pain d'epice" like I never ate  again after she was gone . I did not get a recipe book from "meme" she was a very smart person but she was never taught to read she started working in the fish factory when she was 13. I have decided to try to find this recipes and if I succeed I will make sure to let you know. Ah!! Fecamp I still remember the smell of the  tide coming in . I never visited Fecamp  again after my grand mother was gone but my sisters and I have plans ,but that is another story and I hope I can tell it to you sometimes.