Thursday, September 29, 2011

cabbage and sausage

beautiful fall but it is still warm !!
It is very warm outside the summer is hanging on . But I am ready for winter comfort food. I decided to make sausage and cabbage. My grandmother used to make this dish a lot , not  with Kielbasa but with  nice "Normandie"sausage. Almost all cultures have a form of this dish. A  while ago I saw ,on Facebook , that my friend Donna ,who cooks a lot of Italian dishes,had  made a nice pot of it.
It is cheap to make,it is very easy, it is deliciously comforting. What else can you ask for a dish?
It will be delicious every  day of the week but what about for Sunday football dinner. Perfect.

Recipe for sausage and cabbage

1 kielbasa( or another kind of sausage)
1 piece of salt pork or bacon cut in small pieces
1 onion
1 head of cabbage .
8 potatoes
2 cups of white wine
olive oil
! bouquet garni

Prepare vegetables
Peel onion and carrots and cut into small cube
Clean  the cabbage,take the core and  the old exterior leaves  out. cut in quarters.
Peel potatoes cut into small pieces

Brown the salt pork in the olive oil
Add the carrots and onion cook a few minutes

 add the sausage cook a few minutes
,add the white wine and cook 5 more minutes
,add the cabbage and potatoes and water to barely cover
add salt pepper and the bouquet garni.
cook for about 40 minutes or till the potatoes are cooked
notes : if you don't have a bouquet garni just add bay leave, Thyme, rosemary whatever herbs you like. If you don't have any fresh herbs you could add a little bit of "herbes de Provence "or Italian seasoning. It is about the same thing.
it is all going to be delicious anyhow.
Because I am rather greedy I like to add a little sauce made of soft butter, sour cream and Dijon mustard to my sausage and cabbage .But it is not necessary.!!!
In France naturally we do not use Kielbasa It doesn't matter what sausage we used as long as it is a good sausage.
Bon appetit!