Wednesday, January 18, 2012

grapefruits marmelade

 I love orange marmelade and I have some on toast very often for breakfast. I usually buy the most delicious English marmelade I can find, I like Crosse and Blackwell marmelade and Dondee marmelade.
 I will never have thought to make Grapefruits marmelade it seems a bit involve and difficult. But what to do when a friend ( Scott Bass) drops by your door a lot of delicious grapefruits. I did not think Grapefruits could grow in SC but they do some where in Bonneau and they are the best. I open one for lunch put brown sugar on it  broil it and my whole house smell like a citrus grove.
I could not eat so many grapefruits so what to do but make marmalade and I did. I did not trust the results but it so happen that marmalade is very easy to make . my first batch who I thought will be a try out turn out delicious. It is certainly time consumming not in the cooking but in the preparation of the fruits but I did it in front of TV so that was not so bad. I now made 3 batches and I think I will stop at these 3 batches for a while. I don't know if you want to endeavor to make marmalade but you never know you may enherit a orange grove in Seville or a nice friend may give you a lot of these beautiful fruits. Anyhow here is a fail proof recipe.
Grapefruits Marmalade
4 cups water
4 cups sugar
squeeze of a lemon
prepare the fruits
Peel the grapefruits make sure you get the less white pith as possibe.

Clean the grapefruit of all the white pith .
Slice the grapefruits

Cut the skin in strips of about 1/4 inch wide and 1 inch long.

Put all the grapefruit pulps and the skins in a pan

add the water the sugar and the lemon
Bring every thing to a boil and let sit in a cool place overnight.
The day after bring the mix back to a boil and cook on medium heat till the mixture get to a temperature of 220F.

Depending on the ratio of sugar to water this cooking time will be different but it take minimum 45 minutes some time quite more time, be patient it is important to get slowy to a temperature of 220F
While your marmalade is cooking prepare your jars .
Wash the jars properly and put them in boiling water with the lids. let them in the boiling water a few minutes. Take them out of the water

Wipe the rim of the jars , pour the marmalade in the jars leaving a few inches empty on the top, close the lids just by hand and put them in a boiling water. The jars must be completly covered with boiling water. Boiled 10 to 20 minutes.
Let the jars cool over night. In the morning check to see if they are all sealed properly. If some jars are not sealed properly they can be kept in the refrigerator about 2 weeks.
 - It si very nice to have special preserving equipment I got a whole kit for Christmas. But you can
improvise,use a regular kettle and find a rack that fit in it.
-If after cooking your marmalade you find out that it is to liquid it did not set properly you may put every thing back in the kettle and cook again . This did happen to me on my first batch and after I recooked it it was quite fine . Now if it get to hard because you cook it to much,Ouch, I don't know if there is help for that .
My inspiration for this marmalade came from I followed it very closely I just change the proportions  I could not think of making only 4 jars of marmalade. This recipe was the easiest I could find some were very complicated.
and now break time