Monday, February 27, 2012

southern collards with an italian touch

I have been sick with a cold for more than a week and no food has been really tempting to me. yesterday I felt a little better and I tough I should eat something fresh and not heavy. But I could not really think what I wanted. I looked in my back yard and I saw my 3 bunches of collards. I know 3 bunches of collards  are hardly a meal for four persons but they were a project that was successful. I will definitely plant more last time.  They have grow so healthy and pretty and every time I walk by I have to munch on a piece of the leave it taste good. So I thought I should do some thing with my collard. Well you know collard in SC are now must often used for Thank giving and New year eve. for New year eve with Hopping John and rice they are the promise of an happy financial year . I really don't know about that. It  doesn't seam to have work for me these last 20 years but it make a delicious meal. I did. not want to cook the collard as a side dish like we usually do I wanted to make a main dish. So I came out with that recipe.

green collards and spaghetti.

3 slices of bacon or pancetta
1 clove of garlic
1 bunch of collards green
a squeeze of lemon juice
a dash of red pepper flakes
1 serving of spaghetti
a dash of olive oil
salt pepper

Prepare collards take the stems and the white centers off.
Roughly chop the leaves
Blanches the collards in a large kettle of salted boiling water. For about 15 minutes.
Put the collards in a colander to drain.
Cook your spaghetti and salted water
Drain when cooked and add a splash of olive oil . keep warm.
Cook bacon put on the side on paper towel
Drain some of the bacon fat out of the pan
In the same pan saute garlic for about 5 minutes.

Make sure you collards are well drain.
Put collards, crumbled bacon , back in the frying pan with the garlic.
add pepper,salt, and dash pepper.
Serve the collards on the spaghetti
Add Parmesan

Miam miam !!

The collard I used  being from my garden were very young and tender.
I did not say it in my recipe because most people will not like it but I used 2 anchovies rinsed and chopped. I love anchovies and frankly if you do not tell any body they won't know you added some to the recipe.