Monday, April 16, 2012

Italian weeding soup

I love to go to" Barnes and Nobles" and hang out. they have the most comfortable arm chairs and delicious cappuccino, "make it dry please and I like it in a mug and don't forget to give me a small spoon." That is usually all I have a cappuccino, but ounce and a while they have " Italian weeding soup " and I have to have some it is delicious.
Well I love Italian weeding soup so much I decided to make it myself. I checked quite a few recipes and got a few ideas and I made my one.
First I made tiny meat balls a lot of recipes call for chicken meat balls I had some ground turkey so I decided to use it . I think it probably has a little more taste that ground chicken. I made the meat balls with the same ingredients i usually make meat balls but I knew I had to add a few herbs and spices because turkeys is very mild tasting.
The soup itself in all the recipes I checked had escarole or spinach. Well I still had some frozen collards from my garden so I decided to try them it turned out perfect.
The soup demand some kind of small noodles. I really wanted some small ditanili but I could not find any at my piggly wigly so I went for the little "pastina ' they had. it is quite all right I think it is better than the ditanili because they are smaller. well the soup turn out delicious it was the first time I made it and I will make it again. I will make enough to have some frozen one in the freezer for when i am not in the mood to cook . I will not add the noodle to the soup till I thaw it and rewarm it.
here is my recipe

I lb turkey ground meat
1 egg
1/2 cup Panco crumbs
1/4 cup parmesan cheese (or more)
1/2 an onion finally chopped.
Italian seasoning
a dash of italian seasoning.
6 cups chicken stock home made or store bought
2/3 cups of Pastina or any little pasta.
1cup cut up collard or spinach
some more parmesan to put on the top of warm soup.
salt and pepper


mix the 7 first ingredients in a ball
Make tiny little meats balls
put the meat balls on a cookie sheet and bake for about 15 minutes.
Blanched the collards( mine were from the freezer previously cooked)
Heat up the stock, add the meat balls and collards ,and the pasta if you are going to serve the soup right away.

If you are going to freeze some of the soup add the paste later on.
Seasoned and serve with grated parmesan.
 french or italian bread will be delicious with the soup and may be a green salad.

 did some research on the "italian weeding soup " and I find out that it has nothing to do with weeding ceremony but with the marriage of vegetables and meat." minestra maritata"
I found to a video from Fabio that is very interesting You can check it at "shine. -italian-weeding-soup.
I found to that a lot of recipes are made with ground beef and I don't really care for  ground beef for this recipe but I think I will like sausage. My italian grand mother used to make her spagettis with sausage and it had more taste than beef.
But all this is up to you.
Et voila bon appetit.
printable recipe

printable recipe