Monday, June 4, 2012

Makayla the chef cooks chicken nuggets

It is fun to cook with kids and it teaches them more than cooking . Makayla has the soul of a chef , she wants every thing to be just perfect, she is very bossy she has a idea of how things should be done and sometimes she tell me what to do! She is very careful about being safe and washing her hands every time she touches raw meat. I just have so much fun cooking with her.
a week ago we decided to make chicken nuggets so much better and healthier than the one in the fast food restaurant. We want you to share the fun with your kids so here is our recipe.


Chicken cut in small pieces
2 cups flour
2 cups Panco
2 beaten eggs or milk
salt pepper and Italian seasoning or your favorite seasoning.

enough oil to fry your chicken.nuggets


Prepare 3 dishes
1 dish with flour ,one with the beaten eggs and one with the panco crumb
seasons the chicken nuggets and the flour and dip in flour, in egg, and in Panco just like ChefMakayla.
Now it is time to fry the chicken nuggets. yes right now it will be a good idea to have a adult take over but Chef Kayla doesn't want to hear that because she can do it all. so Chele will just supervise.
fry the chicken in the hot oil do not crowd..

when the nuggets are nice and brown ,put on a plate with some paper towel

you may serve with french fries and celery sticks and ranch.

Delicious. it is fun to eat food you have been cooking yourself. but Kinsley doesn't want to wake up to share!

Be happy bon appetit.

_ you may not be has brave as me and KK and the hot oil may scare you .fine. put all your chicken on a baking tray and put in the oven,. It is healthier.anyhow!
_ You should not have this meal to often fry food is not very healthy.
_Thank God Kinsley was sleepy or this chicken will not have been fried.
_Try to stick some healthy vegetables like celery or carrots kids love these in ranch._
_OK cooking with kids is messy but so much fun. And Makayla is the best cleaner.