Thursday, September 13, 2012

I have not been on my blog lately because I can not download pics and the recipes without pictures will be a bit boring. I do miss it and I am getting ready to come back.
I thought in between I could give you a few thougts on the way I feel about food.
first I can get annoy with these people who are always on diet don't want to eat this don't want to eat that they are continually punishing themself. The only diet I will approve is "eat less eat smaller portions ". some people wander why they are heavy but just look at their plate ,food almost falling over.
I was reading an article by David Lebovitz and this is what he said"My personnal philosophy about corn syrup consumption,like other food that do not meet a nutritionally ideal profile. I limit my consumption, but don't obsess about it. I drink alcohol and coffee I sometimes eat red meat and cheese , plus chocolate,ice cream,sugar and marshmallows,all of which have their detractors too. I walk and ride a bike as much as possible and try to eat a healthy diet that include a lot of fruits and vegetables,proteins and whole grains, whih offset treating myself to those indulgences." this is exactly the way I feel I completely agree with him. and when I cook I mainly think about bringing the best possible taste in my food.
I think fried chicken should be  deep fried and not cook in the oven or should be called something else. My daughter make me a carrot cake one or twice a year and I want it rich and don't want her to change the recipe to cut on fat or sugar.
Do not thing I am not eating healthy there are some food that are not the best for you and should not be consumed every day like deep fried food. I eat very healthy and I have lean days where I just eat salad or vegetables, but when I cook do not expect me to use light sour cream or light butter I like the best richest food. yes my cooking can be some times sinfull but what is life worth without sometimes a little of over indulgence.
And then there are the people who never want to eat any thing new how boring .Try different food. all this food is for you to enjoy, be adventurous  explore new taste.
If you want to follow a diet do not look into my recipes. Today Indulge , just eat a little less the day after.
I, most of the time, eat very healthy but "Health food makes me sick" Calvin Trillin.