Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Shoping and storing ingredients

shopping for vegetables in Luynes with my sister Gisele.
I used to be bad at keeping  groceries in stock in my kitchen and I had to run to
the groceries store to often. Now two facts  have change that situation
_I started coupooning and to really save money you have to buy things in stock
when they are on sale.
- I started my cooking blog and hate to have to run out for the things I need.
So I decided to change my shopping habit and make sure I have all the things I
need at all time.
 I decided to make a list of all the things I need at all time and  to make a list I
can  take to the store. since this list is pretty much all the things I use in my blog
recipe I decided to share it with you on my blog
So these are the staples I need
IN the Pantry
       dried  or cans beans
        black beans
        Chick peas
         dried  fruits cranberries and currants
         Rice  regular and  Arborio rice
         corn meal
          pasta ,noodles , orzo,spaghetti
          Oil  olive oil and canola oil
          table salt and coarse sea salt
          can sea food tuna sardines small clams
          canned tomatoes tomatoes sauce
          vinegar :wine vinegar ,balsamic ,rice vinegar
           Wines white and red and
           coffee and tea
           White sugar , brown sugar, turbino sugar and honey.
In the refrigerator
           bacon and pancetta
            chicken stock
            fruits: lemons and limes, apple and other seasonal fruits
            mustard s: French mustard and Dijon
             olives (calamata, Nicoise ect)
             Cheeses : Parmesan mozzarella cheddar
             heavy cream ,milk sour cream
              Scallions and leeks
              Seasonal vegetable
               tomato paste in a tube
               bread wheat and french
In the freezer

               Nuts : pecans, almond , almond flour,
               flour tortilla
               small frozen pizza
               frozen egg rolls
 I like to try different things different cheeses or different vinegars but these are
the basic I like to have at all time.And I may add to that list or change it ounce and a while.