Friday, November 2, 2012

chicken with Maple syrup and cayenne

A few years ago my ex sister in law and friend Marsha came and visit me in SC from Maine . She brought me a beautiful bottle of real maple syrup. The bottle was in a shape of a maple tree leave and I kept it.
I made pancake and the syrup was delicious but I wanted to use some of the syrup in another way.
I research a few recipe and I found a very easy recipe made by Anne Burrell one of my favorite 'Food TV " chef.  First I was not very exited about the recipe Maple syrup and Cayenne pepper  chicken. I am not too much into sweet and hot usually but I decided to try it any how and it is now one of my favorite chicken recipe. I do not have maple syrup all the time it is rather expensive but when I went to Cosco and found a nice bottle of maple syrup for a good price I had to have it . and I decided to make my recipe "chicken in maple and Cayenne pepper"

Chicken with Maple syrup and Cayenne pepper

Cut up chicken
2 tbs olive oil
 cup Maple syrup
2 tbs Cayenne pepper


Turn on the oven at 400 degrees F
Rub the olive oil salt and pepper on the chicken parts
Put the chicken on a oven tray.
Cook about 20 Mns. the chicken must start to be brown and crisp but not completely cook.
While the chicken is roasting prepare the Maple syrup
In a small saucepan combine the syrup and the Cayenne pepper
on medium heat cook the syrup till it is 1/2 reduced and thick.
When the chicken has cook about 20 mns glazed it with the syrup mixture and let it cook about 15 mns longer.
This chicken is so easy to make and so delicious.

-Beware not to have a heavy hand with the Cayene pepper which is very hot.
-Do not over cook the chicken but make sure it is nice and brown
-The recipe is for about 4 persons.
-On this day I made my chicken for only one person and used 1 breast.1/4 cup Maple syrup and 1 tsp Cayenne pepper. -
I accompagned my chicken wth some Boyshoy from my son garden and a bake potatoe. I had some mild peppers left from my garden so I cooked one with my chicken

A table Bon appetit!