Sunday, November 18, 2012

chicken Picata

I love chicken Picata it has a little sour taste that is very nice. I was introduced to that dish in Arizona when I went to visit my sister in law, Noreen.
Noreen and I love to cook together . But this day we had a funny little happening . we went to a beautiful super market in Scottsdale and we needed some capers so we grabbed a big jar of what we thought were capers. when we went home Noreen and I started cooking ,drinking wine and having fun. Every thing look delicious but when we tasted it we knew right away something was wrong the little capers were extremely hot .They were not capers at all they were hot green peppers. Well we wanted to save the dish anyhow, so it took quite a long time drinking wine and laughing to take all the little peppers out one by one. We then replaced the peppers  by capers and every thing turned out fine and delicious ,still a little hotter than usual . I was not used to green hot peppers and I really never used them in cooking may be one day I will them.
But for now here is my chicken Picata recipe


2  chicken breast
1/2 of a shallot
1/2 a lemon
1/2 cup of wine
1/2 cup of broth
1 clove of garlic
1 tbl of heavy cream(optional)
1 tbl of butter
1 tbl of olive oil

angel hair pasta for 2 ( about 1/4 of a package)


heat up the butter and the oil
saute the chicken filets till nicely brown
boil water for your pasta and salt
put chicken on the side
in the same pan, brown  the shallots for about 10 mins do not overcook.
Add the chopped garlic and the cappers for 5 more mins.
add the wine to the pan and the stock to deglaze the pan

add salt and pepper as needed for your taste.
cook 5 more mins
add your pasta to your boiling water cook al dente and drain.
Add your chicken and cook for 10 mins or till you are sure you chicken is cook to your taste.( it will be a little longer if the chicken filets are thicker.)
squezze a little lemon on the chicken
If you desire add a little of heavy cream to the sauce
Serve  on the pasta.

- this recipe is for 2 people one for me one to freeze for later dinner
you may increased the portions as needed
-beware not to over cook the garlic it will get bitter
- the angel hair pasta cook very fast . you could replace them with spaghetti if that is what you have in your cupboard
Miam miam. a table. bon appetit!