Sunday, February 10, 2013

Maniccoti( with ricotta and goat cheese)

    I went to Costco last week .Costco is definitely my favorite store to do groceries shopping(and I read somewhere that contrary to Walmart they treat their employees very well). I love to buy food in big quantities and have every thing under my hand when I am ready to cook. I did a rather important groceries shopping and among other things I had a big giant bag of baby fresh spinach ricotta , Italian sausage and goat cheese. The goat cheese turned out to .be a nice touch in the cannelloni it made the feeling nice and creamy and added a little perk to the taste.. Naturally if you are not like me, a fan of goat cheese, you can simply omit it. it will still be delicious. Here is the recipe
     Ingredients 2tb olive oil
    2 cups  ricotta
    1/2 cup of goat cheese
    1 lb  Italian sausage
    1 clove garlic
    spinach fresh or frozen
    2 eggs beaten
    1/2 chopped shallot or  green onion
    1 tbs fresh basil.
    1 box of manicotti
      1/2 Parmesan
    2 cups tomato sauce
    chopped the shallot or green onion
     brown in the 2 tbs of olive  oil
    Add the clove of garlic and the Italian sausage.(if it is in casing take the casing of) brown on medium heat till the meat is cooked.
    Steam the fresh spinach in salted water drain and squeeze the spinach and chop them. Put in a bowl
    add the ricotta and the goat cheese add the sausage mix every thing add salt and pepper for your taste.
    Cook the manicotti shells in a lot of salted boiling water. Like indicated on the box
    When the manicotti are cook put them in cold water to stop the cooking and drain.
    Fill up the shells with the mixture
    In a bottom of a pan spread some tomato sauce and assemble the manicotti on the top.
    Spread more of the tomato sauce on the top and spread with the Parmesan.
    Preheat the oven to375 degrees F and cook for about 45minutes

    A table. miam miam. bon appetite
    About tomato sauce
      I still have some canned tomatoes and tomato sauce I made last summer. If you are not so lucky you could use can tomatoes sauce I don't care much for can tomato sauce too sweet for me. But it is easy to make your own tomatoes sauce with cans of  chopped  tomatoes. the recipe follow.
    Cannelloni or maniccoti:I have wonder sometimes what was the difference between Cannelloni and Maniccoti After research on Internet I find out that there is not much difference and the two terms are use for the same thing.  But the traditional Cannelloni was made with a flat pasta rolled around a filling. Manicotta is always a tube of already made pasta. So I change my name for my recipe. it is now  maniccoti But manicotti or cannelloni VIVA ITALIA.
Recipe for a quick tomato sauce
          3 tbs very finely chopped onions
           1 clove of garlic finely chopped
           1 can chopped tomato
            salt and pepper
            brown the onion in the olive oil till translucent
            Add the garlic cook for 5 more minutes
            Add the drained tomatoes
            Salt and pepper
            cook about 30 minutes
            Press in a food mill or the food processor