Monday, July 21, 2014

shrimp angel hair and goat cheese

I was in" piggly wiggly" and I saw these beautiful fresh shrimp, caught by a SC fisherman in a SC creek. I did not have shrimp for a while and when I did they were frozen shrimp.  I could not resist these fresh shrimp even they were a little pricey. When I got home I cleaned them immediately and made a stock with the shell. In the evening I made some" shrimp, angel hair and goat cheese ". here is the recipe

 shrimp about 12 or a little more if they are smaller
1 leak
1 tomato
1 orange pepper ( or any color pepper you like)
a few mushrooms
a few florets of broccoli
A few branches parsley
1 clove of garlic
 Angel hair (for 2 persons)
salt pepper and a few flakes of red pepper
1 tbs of olive oil
about 1/3 cup of goat cheese

mise en place

Peal  the shrimp and deveined them keep the peels to make fish stock ( I had done that earlier)
take the seeds out of the tomato
clean the leaks, rinse thoroughly, they are sometimes very sandy .
clean the pepper
Blanch the broccoli and drain
chop all the vegetables .
You need about 1/4 or 1/2 cup of each vegetable
clean the garlic and chop


Saute the leak and the pepper till soft
add the tomato, broccoli,  the mushroom about 6 minutes do not over cook.
add the garlic and the parsley cook a few more minutes.
Add salt and pepper and a few flakes of red pepper
Cook the angel hair in a lot of salted boiling water . ( they cook very fast)
drain keeping a little liquid
mix the vegetables and the angel hair with a little cooking water.
mix in the goat cheese
salt and pepper as needed

Saute the shrimp in olive oil till opaque and cook.

add the shrimp on the top of the vegetables mixture
reheat if necessary

A coloful, light summer dish , easy to make
Miam miam, a table, bon Appetit

make sure you do not over cook any of the ingredients.
the goat cheese make this meal for me, it tastes so good and make the dish so creamy. But if you really do not like goat cheese you could try cream cheese or mozzarella

.printable recipe