Saturday, January 25, 2014

freezing soups.

I love to make big pot of soup. Nothing is as comforting as home make soup when it is cold (I love soup in the summer too)
When I am by myself I have a lot of soup left over so I must freeze some of  it. It is so neat when I don't want to cook to have a good soup ready in the freezer.
Last summer I was with my sister Janine in Antibes in a store called  "Picard" where they sale only frozen food. I love too cook and I have plenty of time so I do not usually buy frozen food but "Picard" is really a neat store. The food is excellent  and you can find all kind of different food from the simple soup to a lot of gourmet food, a little expensive but  in a bind what a help .  I don't know why there are no store like "Picard" in Charleston. We bought some delicious soups in "Picard" and I like the way they are presented, In a bag,
in small individual cubes so  you can use exactly what you need. I thought that idea was perfect for me so this is the way I freeze my soup
Put the soup in individual freezer trays.
Put tray in freezer till the soup is frozen
put all the cubes of soup in freezer bags.
and here you are. soups ready for you at all time.