Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Oxtail stew

We are still having chilly days in SC so we can still enjoy some of these delicious braised dishes.
One of my favorite one is Oxtail stew. I make it very rarely because it is not always easy to find Oxtails. It is one of these old recipe that a lot of chef in France love to work with I don't really think it is use so much in the States..  It is suppose to be a cheaper piece of meat, but really it is
always pretty expensive considering that you get a lot of fat and bones on a oxtail. It is very much made as an Osso Bucco which is traditionally made with veal shanks.
I love it. The meat is a bit gelatinous and it has this delicious little bits of meat and the mallow and the bone cooking very slowly give a rich taste to the stew. Now in France we say " la queue de boeuf c'est bon mais c'est gras" ( Oxtails are good but they are fat) so it is important to degreased the dish . This dish being very delicious rewarmed I like to cook it the day before and it makes it easy to degreased after it has been in the refrigerator
I have see very sophisticated recipe of oxtails by French chef and they look so good. I will like to
 try them sometimes but here is the rustic old recipe just like "grandmere " used to make.


3 tablespoons olive oil
4 lbs of oxtail
3 cloves of garlic
1 medium yellow onion
6 medium carrots
2 branches of celery
2 turnips if you have them . you don't have to eat them but they really give a good taste to the stew.
2 cups red wine
5 cups beef stock.
1 can stew tomatoes
1 branch of thyme. ( you could use dry thyme)
2 bay leaves
1/4 cup flour.
4 tbsp. butter softened
salt and pepper.


Clean and chopped the onion and garlic.
Clean and slice the celery and the carrots.
In a large saucepan heat the olive oil
seasoned the oxtails with the salt and pepper
"Saute" the meat in the hot pan , work in batches
Cook until well browned 8 or 10 minutes.
Keep the meat on the side
 In the same pan "saute" the vegetables but not the carrots.
cook about 10 minutes or till golden.
deglaze the pan with the wine cook about 4 or 5 minutes
Put the meat back in the pan
add the stock, the tomatoes bring to a boil.
bring down the heat and cook covered , slowly.
I like to put it in the oven at this point but it can be cook on the top of the stove.
the oxtails must cook till the meat fall apart at least 3 hours.
when the oxtails are cook add the carrot and cook about 20 minutes.
when every thing is cook mixed the softened butter to the flour.
Add a little of the sauce to the butter and flour and mix
Put back in the pot cook10 minutes.

I love Oxtail stew with mash potatoes but you can eat it with rice too. What ever you like the best.

Bon appetite MiamMiam

printing recipe


I find some oxtail in Piggly Wiggly in my neighborhood and I could not resist.